Great Directions of Research Paper Editing: Get an Excellent Paper

Although revisions occur throughout a writing process and include tasks like focus, rethinking, overall structure, thesis, and support, proofreading and editing assumes that an author is composing the last draft and has to make the paper correct. Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, sentence structure, and word choice are essential to the reader and portray the writer’s credibility and authority. Free research paper editor online tools cannot correct all the mistakes. Even if you can get a research paper editor free of charge online, you will still need to edit and proofread your document manually.

Effective proofreading and editing require that you take the time to reread your writing carefully. You'll be playing the role of a reader. This handout will offer you the strategies you need for both proofreading and editing. You can still check out this useful resource.


This is the process a writer uses to catch errors that are typical of their writing. Since editing will focus on certain problems that are unique to you as a writer, you will need to know the errors you make and use certain strategies to find them.

  • Read your work aloud as if you’re reading a story to someone. Listen for errors and incomplete sentences including anything that sounds funny.
    • Stop reading and change all the errors as soon as you notice them. This includes punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.
    • Consider giving yourself some time before you can start editing your paper. You can wait for a day as this will help you to see the errors in a better way. In case you can’t wait an entire day, consider taking a break to eat or clean so that you can return to the task with a fresh mind and eyes.
  • Look for personal error patterns. Every writer makes mistakes typical of their writing. Some forget commas, have trouble with transitions and wordiness. In this case, consider bringing your assignment to a writing center and allow a tutor to assist you to flag out these errors.
  • Know the punctuation and grammatical rules. It’s essential for a writer to study the rules of punctuation and grammar. Review those you don’t know. You can also keep a writing handbook to check anything up when you have doubts while writing or editing.


Proofreading focuses on random goofs. Yes, you have corrected the final draft, but sometimes as a result of fatigue, computer error, oversight or carelessness, mistakes are present. This is where you need to read the assignment as a reader to see some of the mistakes.

Editing and proofreading will go a long way in ensuring that you offer a quality paper, try out these tips today.

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