List Of 25 Great Ideas For A Biology Term Paper

Biology is the fascinating subject which studies all living organisms. Writing a term paper can be an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into a topic you find fascinating and present current ideas. Whether you are interested in humans, bacteria or plants, there will be an ideal topic out there for you. Here is a list of ideas to give you some inspiration.

  1. Antibiotic Resistance- With the newly reported case of colistin-resistant bacteria, is this the beginning of the end of antibiotic use?
  2. What makes a psychopath? Nature Vs. Nurture
  3. Human Evolution - The theories
  4. Cancer - How much can we control?
  5. Antimalarial drugs - Potential Benefits and are they worth the risks?
  6. Aedes mosquito and the Zika virus- causes and symptoms. What we know and how we could control it?
  7. Genetics and Homosexuality - We know that our genetics can determine some of our hormone levels. Could this have an effect and could our sexual orientation be down to our genes?
  8. Obesity - Nature vs. nurture. Our generation is suffering an obesity epidemic, how much of this is down to our genes?
  9. Are placebo treatments beneficial? The fascinating effects of positive thinking and the human mind
  10. Clinical Trials - The various phases and ethical implications. Should pharmaceutical companies be funding clinical trials and should they be required to publish all results?
  11. Alternative Medicines- Arguments for and against. Can they really be as effective as conventional medicines?
  12. Pain and Pain Management - The pathways in which we detect pain, the different types and how it can be managed.
  13. Circadian Rhythms and Biological Time
  14. Hormones and their effects
  15. Aging - What are the processes which contribute to aging? Could it be possible to reverse some of their effects?
  16. Allergies - Why do some people experience these?
  17. Abortion - Ethical arguments for and against.
  18. Alzheimer’s Disease
  19. Bacteria as Vectors for gene therapy.
  20. Parkinson’s Disease
  21. Could vaccines be linked to autism?
  22. Biological Weapons- Could viruses such as Ebola be used by terrorists?
  23. Cloning - What are the ethical implications and potential benefits?
  24. Addiction on Dependency- From hard drugs to alcohol and cigarette smoking. How can these be controlled?
  25. Intelligence- How much of our IQ is dependent on our genes? Could this be a slippery slope to designer babies?

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