Powerful Research Paper Titles On Human Trafficking

The problem of human trafficking is a serious one. Today, there are so many other challenges that stem from this, including terrorism, illegal prostitution rings, abduction, slavery to mention just a few. Here are some topics that you can discuss given the need to write a paper on human trafficking:

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  • Discuss how globalization has led to the spread of human trafficking
  • Explain some of the challenges that those who are victims of human trafficking have to go through
  • There is no difference between human trafficking and slavery. Discuss
  • Discuss some of the key proposals that countries have put in place in a bid to combat the global problem of human trafficking, considering that it has also been referred to as modern day slavery in so many quarters
  • Discuss the role of the developed countries in the human trafficking problem
  • Explain the threats to national security that are associated with human trafficking
  • Discuss the tragedies in the world that have since been attributed to human trafficking
  • Discuss how human trafficking has led to an increase in prostitution in major countries all over the world
  • Provide an elaborate discussion that would address the possible solutions to the human trafficking problem worldwide
  • Discuss the concept of illegal adoption, and how this form of human trafficking has in the past led to disastrous experiences for the families that are involved/affected
  • Highlight some of the major types of human trafficking that are currently going on in the world
  • Critically examine the plight of the victims of human trafficking, with an emphasis on the need for the destination countries or their hosts to provide medical care for these patients
  • Discuss some of the key risk factors that are associated with human trafficking
  • Explain some of the major human rights movements that speak out and work against the human traffickers, and the progress that these organizations have made in the past.
  • If we are all careful and vigilant, human trafficking can be put to an end. Discuss some of the personal measures that individuals need to take, that will help combat the human trafficking menace
  • Discuss how the authorities involved can continually raise awareness on the problem of human trafficking

By the end of your discussion, you should be in a good position to recommend certain measures that can be put in place to make things better, and to help avert the looming crisis.

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