Suggestions on how to come up with a research paper title

Sometimes the most challenging part of writing a research paper - or any other kind of school work for that matter - is coming up with a compelling title. It would be such a waste to have spent weeks on perfecting your assignment so that you could ruin your hard work by employing an inarticulate title. The thing is, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Here’s what you should do.

  • Know the central notion: What is the main topic of your research? If for example, it is with autism, then you know that specific word or a synonym must be included in your title page, or else your paper might seem misleading.
  • Describe your work: Another way that may be of help is just merely to describe what your paper is about. Is it an analysis? A brief history? The thing about this kind of assignment is that it does not have to be catchy; you’re not writing an editorial for teenagers on social media, it does not need to be anything more than factually correct and articulate.
  • Do not employ a sub-topic, sub notion or the like: The key word is relevance. We know you’re trying so hard to come up with something that grabs the reader’s attention, but that should never overweight the importance of relevance.
  • Stay succinct: Just because it needs to be relevant, does not mean you should make the title too long, even if it properly describes your research. If it’s essential for you to use a sentence that may be a little on the lengthy side, try to cut it down into a title, and a subtitle separated by a colon.
  • Look at examples: You can find enough related articles, essays, and papers on your same topic on the internet. Observe how they crafted their titles in correspondence to the topic they wrote about.
  • Ask for help: There are plenty of Q&A websites available online for confused students like yourself. Some are free; other require a reasonable fee. If you absolutely must hire someone to write your paper for you or edit it, make sure you look for reviews before rushing to hire a writer.

Remember that nothing has to be too overwhelmingly brilliant, as long as it is clear-cut, articulate and to-the-point. To use a title that seems to be nothing special is better than employing one that is misleading.

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