Handpicked Research Paper Topics About Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher who had a profound influence on some of the ideas found in Western philosophy. He criticized the reason of the Western society, challenged traditional morality, and disputed the focus that religion placed on the spirit of man. His large level of impact means that when you have to write a research paper, you have a number of topics to choose from. Here are some to get you started.

  1. Nietzsche Philosophy and the Athens-Jerusalem Conflict- The conflict between Athens and Jerusalem was one that put faith against religion. Discuss this and the way that Nietzsche’s own philosophy relates to this conflict.
  2. Slave Morality vs. Master Morality- Discuss whether or not Nietzsche believes there is a distinction between slave morality and master morality. Does this agree with his opinion of objective values and how does that affect his ideas?
  3. Personal Morals vs. Society- Think about the expectations that society has, as far as morals. What was Nietzsche’s opinion on this? Do you think that his opinion would have changed in today’s society?
  4. Nietzsche and His Opinion of the Herd Instinct- The concept of herd instinct explores the idea of people acting for the good of the community. It is sometimes believed that those who act morally are then punished by society. Think of examples of how this happens today, for example, in the case of Edward Snowden.
  5. Nietzsche and Nazism- Analyze Nietzsche’s ideas surrounding will to power. How does this relate to Nazism? Do you believe that Nietzsche’s will to power theories contributed to Nazism? Why or why not?
  6. Morality, Will to Power, and Egoism- Consider Nietzsche’s theories on will to power and herd morality. How does psychological egoism relate to these idea? Does psychological egoism make morality almost impossible in today’s society? Explain.
  7. Nietzsche, Other Scholars, and Pity- Take scholars such as Kant, Spinoza, Plato, and La Rochefoucauld and compare their opinions on pity with Nietzsche’s. Think about the vast difference in their many ideas and then compare their opinions on pity.

As you choose your topic for a research paper on Nietzsche, be sure you are choosing one that is an appropriate size for the requirements of your paper. Then, delve into your research. Nietzsche was quite an interesting man, so dig around until you find an idea that interests you.

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