10 Funny And Striking Ideas For Your Essay On Leadership In “Animal Farm.”

Animal Farm is a piece of classic literature that most students read in high school. This book, by George Orwell, is littered with subtext and many political issues. Most students are required to write essays based on the book. How do you make sure that your essay stands out from your peer’s?

  1. Human leaders are all pigs. Why animal farm’s depiction of pigs in leadership roles is accurate today.
  2. Going to the glue farm. How Animal Farm predicted the betrayal of the working class in modern times.
  3. How Squealer is an example of all political press agents.
  4. How the line “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” applies to modern politics.
  5. Finding the Napolean character class in our current political arena.
  6. How the pigs of Animal Farm are actually metaphors for how people view politicians rather than how politicians behave.
  7. Why did Napoleon believe that only education of the young was important? How does this apply to our current educational system?
  8. How would the Animal Farm have fared if Snowball would have been the one in power instead of Napoleon?
  9. What would have happened if the animals of Animal Farm would have realized that Napoleon broke all of the rules written on the barn wall?
  10. How the dogs of Animal Farm represented the Gestapo-like tactics of the secret police in the Russian revolution.
Humor = Satire

The humor in Animal Farm can be hard to see because of the stinging criticism that George Orwell had for Russia. Identifying the satire and exploiting it in your essay is sure to land you with an excellent grade for your paper. Remember all of the funny elements of the story were meant to be direct criticisms of the political atmosphere of the time.

Show the Parallels

In addition to making comparisons to the Russian revolution, drawing parallels between the actions of the animals in Animal Farm and current political figures will illustrate a knowledge of both historical and present political climates.

Sum it Up

If you are going to highlight the humor of the story, make sure that your humorous elements are clearly outlined for the reader. If your teacher doesn’t find it humorous that Boxer was sent to the glue farm, and you’re arguing that this was a funny element, you will need to outline specific connections to make your point.

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